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NIXI CEO approval is now mandatory to register more than two .in domains

Individuals looking to register more than two .in domains will now need written approval from the CEO of the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). Registered accredited companies that request to register more than 100 .in domains will also need approval.

The .in domain remains one of the most sought-after internet addresses for anyone looking to bring in readers or leads from India. The new rule regulates bulk booking orders for .in domains by individuals or companies.

According to the NIXI notice issued on December 27, 2021, any domain registrar found violating the norms might be disallowed by NIXI from booking domains in that category and “a process may be initiated for de-accreditation of such registrar’.

How to get NIXI’s approval?

Anyone who wants to bulk book .in domains can request the approval of NIXI’s CEO, Anil Kumar Jain, at ce[email protected].

According to NIXI, replies to these requests are sent within 24 hours, irrespective of offs and holidays.

You can read the NIXI announcement here

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