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What does NTN mean?

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Online text messages have inadvertently led to people shortening existing words to make the text look cool and save the time used to type. As a result, people end up using new abbreviations and acronyms in place of pre-existing phrases used in their everyday language.

One such slang that is used over text messages and social media platforms is, NTN and here we’ve explained what NTN means, how to use it, other meanings of the acronym and alternatives.

What does NTN stands for?

NTN stands for, ‘ No Thanks Needed’.

The sender uses this acronym to express to the receiver that they need not be grateful or be thanking them for anything for whatever help was provided by the sender to the receiver.

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How to use NTN

NTN can be used as a salutation to stop the person from thanking them by telling them that there is no need for it or any gratitude for any kind of help or assistance that the sender has provided to the receiver of this message.


Person 1Your notes helped me in exam, thanks
Person 2NTN

Phrases like NTN

There are plenty of phrases used in everyday life and even over text messages, just like NTN. Some of them are:

  • My pleasure
  • Anytime
  • No need

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Alternative meaning of NTN

While NTN is more popularly used to express no thanks needed but some people also mean ‘nothin’ when they write NTN in conversations online.


Person 1Watchya doin’?
Person 2NTN, you say?

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal