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What is Nutaku? Is it safe and legit?

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There are several online games available that can turn out to be huge scams or traps to bait you into entering and then end up stealing your credentials. 

Within a crowd of such platforms, it can be hard to tell which platform is legit and which isn’t. In this article, we’re talking about Nutaku and whether or not the platform is safe and legit. 

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What is Nutaku?

Nutaku is a Canadian company that launched back in 2015. They run an online game portal that mainly features hentai games and other mature content. The games are available on PCs, browsers and smartphones.

Apart from games, the company also offers services for game developers, including translation, hosting, monetisation, 24/7 hosting services, and marketing campaigns.

The online game platform has over 450+ free to play and paid games that come in various genres. You can find action-adventure, card trading, dating sims, puzzles, real-time strategy, tower defence, kinetic/visual novels and even VR games here.

Is Nutaku Safe?

As long as you’re staying on the platform itself, Natuku is a safe site to use. However, due to the free-to-play nature of some games, you may see ads or links to other sites which may or may not be safe to visit. 

In addition to this, pay attention when downloading the desktop client or the phone app for any game you might want to play. These clients and apps might also contain ads. While seeing these ads isn’t exactly a risk, following where they lead might.

Here are a few things you can take extra precautions about and keep yourself safe on any such platforms.

  • Use a throw-away email: If you’re signing up on a sketchy platform or one that you don’t trust completely, create an email for that specific account only. This will not only keep your real email safe, but you’ll also not see unnessecary emails pop up where they shouldn’t. 
  • Be aware of your transactions: Any transactions you make online can be used to snoop your card or payment details. If possible, use a temporary card for such sites. Using a payment wallet to hide your payment details isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Avoid bait: Apart from the ads and link you’ll see on their site, Nutaku will also try and get you to buy things for their free-to-play games through microstransactions. While you’re free to go ahead and make whatever purchases you want, try and keep your mind when doing so or you’ll find yourself loading your rent onto the site before you know.

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