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NYT Connections Hint: July 9

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The New York Times Connections puzzle is a daily brain teaser that tests your vocabulary and logic skills. Each puzzle offers a set of words with a hidden connection between them, categorised by colour. Figuring out these connections can be tricky, but with a little help, you can become a Connections master.

This article will provide hints for each category, helping you unravel the connections and complete the puzzle with ease.

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Today’s words

The goal of the game is to find the four groups of four words from a grid of 16 words. It’s a test of your ability to spot connections and think outside the box. Today’s 16 words are:

  • MAZE
  • HOG
  • LOG
  • MOP
  • WEED
  • FUND
  • MANE

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Connections hint for today (July 9th, 2024)

Below are some hints that will help you find those elusive connections without giving away the whole game.

  • Yellow group: This category focuses on words related to keeping a record of events.
  • Green group: This category revolves around a messy hair situation.
  • Blue group: This category involves popular television shows, with a slight twist.
  • Purple group: The final category connects words that often follow the term ‘hedge.’


Connections categories for today (July 9th, 2024)

The NYT Connections puzzle provides hints for each category, categorised by difficulty (yellow being easiest, purple hardest). Here are the revealed categories for today’s puzzle:

  • Yellow category: CHRONICLE
  • Green category: MESS OF HAIR
  • Blue category: TV SHOWS MINUS “S”
  • Purple category: WORDS AFTER “HEDGE”


NYT Connections answers for July 9th

If you’re struggling after using the category clues, don’t fret. Here are the answers for each category:

  • Green group: MANE, MOP, SHOCK, TANGLE
  • Blue group: CHEER, FRIEND, SCRUB, WEED
  • Purple group: FUND, HOG, MAZE, TRIMMER

Remember, the key to NYT Connections is to think creatively and look for less obvious links between words. Sometimes the connections are straightforward, and other times they require a bit more lateral thinking. Don’t be afraid to experiment and rearrange words as you go.

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