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NYT Connections Hint: June 6

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The New York Times’s Connections keeps puzzle enthusiasts on their toes with a daily challenge that tests your ability to sort words into thematic groups. June 6th’s puzzle is no different, offering a fresh set of words to connect.

To assist you in tackling today’s challenge, we’ve put together some insightful hints for each of the game’s four categories.

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Today’s words

The game provides 16 words in random order, you can use the shuffle button to rearrange the words and avoid wasting attempts as you only get four attempts to solve the puzzle. Here are today’s 16 words:

  • WILD
  • PUSH
  • GYM
  • PARK
  • PEA
  • DRAW
  • SKIP

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Connections hint for today (June 6th, 2024)

The NYT Connections puzzle provides four categories, each containing four words that share a hidden connection. Here are some general hints to get you started:

  • Yellow group: Think about how you might initiate movement or encourage someone to take action.
  • Green group: This category references a specific card game known for its variety and ability to change the flow of play.
  • Blue group: Imagine objects that come in different sizes, but share a similar round shape.
  • Purple group: These words represent locations where you might find a bench for sitting and observing.


Connections categories for today (June 6th, 2024)

Here’s a sneak peek at today’s categories without revealing the actual words:

  • Yellow category: MOVE TO ACTION
  • Green category: UNO CARDS
  • Blue category: HAIL SIZE COMPARISONS
  • Purple category: PLACES WITH BENCHES


NYT Connections answers for June 6th

If you’re still stuck and want to see the answers, here are answers for today’s NYT Connections puzzle:

  • Yellow group: DRIVE, PROMPT, PROPEL, PUSH
  • Green group: DRAW, REVERSE, SKIP, WILD
  • Purple group: COURTROOM, DUGOUT, GYM, PARK

With these tips and a little perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the June 6th NYT Connections puzzle. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and challenge your mind with this daily brain teaser.

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