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NYT Connections Hint: May 16

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The New York Times Connections puzzle is a daily brainteaser that challenges you to group 16 words into four categories based on a hidden theme. Feeling stumped by today’s May 16th puzzle? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

This article provides helpful hints for today (May 16th, 2024) for each category of NYT Connections to steer you in the right direction.

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Today’s words

Don’t rush through the connections; carefully consider each word before submitting your answer. A deliberate approach might be the key to unlocking today’s puzzle. If the current placement of words seems confusing, use the Shuffle button, which can save you from wasting attempts. Here are today’s sixteen words:

  • ICE
  • WET
  • LOCK
  • SHOT
  • SAIL
  • SNAP
  • PIC

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Connections hint for today (May 16th, 2024)

Here are the hints for today to help you figure out the connections:

  • Yellow group: Think about capturing an image. Words related to photography might be the answer.
  • Green group: Consider words that convey a sense of certainty or triumph.
  • Blue group: Imagine effortless movements, like on water or air.
  • Purple group: This category is a little more metaphorical. Think about things that can be spread out like a blanket.


Connections categories for today (May 16th, 2024)

These categories could potentially disclose the connections and spoil the enjoyment. Therefore, proceed with caution when exploring them. Here are the categories:

  • Yellow category: PHOTO
  • Green category: ASSURE, AS A VICTORY
  • Blue category: MOVE IN AN EFFORTLESS WAY
  • Purple category: ___ BLANKET


NYT Connections answers for May 16

If you can still not crack those connections even after getting the hints and categories we provided above, worry not. We will help you uncover answers to those connections. Here are today’s Connection answers:

  • Yellow group: PIC, SHOT, SNAP, STILL
  • Green group: CINCH, ICE, LOCK, SECURE
  • Blue group: BREEZE, COAST, GLIDE, SAIL
  • Purple group: PICNIC, SECURITY, THROW, WET

With these hints in mind, you’re well on solving the May 16th NYT Connections puzzle. Remember, take your time, analyse the words within each group, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.

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