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OpenAI announces ChatGPT Edu and discounts for Non-Profits

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OpenAI announced ChatGPT Edu, a new version of ChatGPT for universities and discounted rates for Non-Profit organisations on May 30.

ChatGPT Edu aims to responsibly allow students, researchers, faculty, and campus operations to use AI. It can provide personalised tutoring and resume reviews to students, assist researchers with grant application writing, and help faculty with grading and feedback.

Alongside the new version of ChatGPT, OpenAI announced a step to improve access to AI for non-profit organisations. The new initiative plans to make custom GPTs and advanced AI models such as GPT-4o affordable for non-profits.

New AI version for universities

ChatGPT Edu is capable of text interpretation, coding and advanced tasks such as web browsing and document summarisation. It also enables universities to build custom GPTs and share them within their workspaces.

In a press release, OpenAI stated that the new version brings affordability and enterprise-level security to academic institutions.

The announcement comes after the company observed universities such as the University of Oxford, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, and Columbia University in the City of New York using ChatGPT Enterprise.

After observing the effective implementation of its enterprise version at universities, OpenAI decided to develop ChatGPT Edu.

Professor Nabila El-Bassel’s team at Columbia University built a GPT model that can analyse and synthesise datasets, while an assistant professor at Arizona State University is developing a custom language GPT for students to practice conversations in German, matching their proficiency level and providing individualised feedback.

MBA and undergraduate students at Wharton School also used GPT trained on course materials to complete their final reflection assignments through discussions with the AI.

Discounted rates for Non-Profits

OpenAI for Non-Profits allows access to the ChatGPT Team at a discounted rate of $20 per month for each user. If a large non-profit organisation demands a large-scale deployment, it can contact the sales team to get a 50 per cent discount on ChatGPT Enterprise.

Serenas, a non-profit committed to ending violence against women and girls in Brazil, helped draft effective grant proposals, adapt content for new donor templates, and create materials in English and Portuguese.

The GLIDE Unconditional Legal Clinic utilised ChatGPT for legal aid while THINK South Africa is training public health professionals to clean, analyse and interpret health data using ChatGPT.

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