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Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures

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TVs are meant to be used inside houses or protected spaces where they won’t be exposed to environmental factors such as wind, dust, moisture and more. However, if you need to put a TV outside, you’re going to need an external TV enclosure. 

In this article, we’re going over the top seven outdoor TV enclosures you can buy.

DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosure

Brand: DeerTV | Sizes: 32-43″/50-55″/60-65″ | Price: Starts at $498

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

DeerTV enclosures are one of the most affordable and effective enclosures out there that offer pretty good value for your money as well as protection for your TV. These enclosures are designed with an IP55 rating that protects them from water, dust, theft and tamper. Great for any office, business or home location. 

You can buy DeerTV Outdoor TV Enclosures here

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TV Shield

Brand: TV Shield | Sizes: 19-65″, up to 84″ (Pro version) | Price: Starts at $399

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

The company claims these enclosures to be the ultimate outdoor TV protection. With the heavy-duty frame and the weatherproof 0.22-inch thick shatterproof polycarbonate front shield, they might not be wrong at all. 

The enclosures are specifically designed to protect TVs from theft, water and dust. There’s ample protection for just about any TV you put in there. 

You can buy TV Shield here

Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure

Brand: Storm Shell | Sizes: 32-44″/45-55″/56-65″ | Price: Starts at $344.99

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

Storm Shell enclosures are built like tanks from the ground up and feature a removable front cover for easy installation and maintenance. You can also remove the front cover for an uninterrupted sound and viewing experience. 

The enclosure is waterproof, impact and UV resistant — making sure your TV stays safe and unharmed. The wall mount bracket is also built from heavy-gauge steel with a durable coated finish. 

You can buy Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure here

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Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure

Brand: Apollo | Sizes: 43-75″ | Price: Starts at $895.00

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

The enclosure in question is basically a sealed box with a heavy-duty glass slammed on the front. The glass also doubles up as a UV protector to help the TV’s colour vividness remain unaffected. 

This enclosure is also thermostatically controlled with filtered air-flow, which can protect your TV in temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius. There are speaker grills built in there as well. 

You can buy Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure here

MyTcase Protective TV case

Brand: MyTcase | Size: 43″ | Price: $249.00

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

While this isn’t the biggest or the strongest enclosure on the list, this is certainly one of the cheapest and most portable. The portability factor is designed with travel in mind, and the case is meant as a travelling protective case first rather than an outdoor enclosure. Whatever may be the case, you can now take your TV when you go out camping for sure. 

You can get the MyTcase Protective TV case here

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2Win2buy Outdoor TV cover

Brand: 2win2buy | Size: 40-43″/60-65″ | Price: Starts at $21.98

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

This is a TV cover made of 600D oxford fabric with a waterproof coating and a transparent front. Since it isn’t exactly an enclosure, it won’t be able to protect your TV from any physical damages, but it will keep water and weather at bay.

You can buy 2Win2buy Outdoor TV cover here

Amazon Basics Outdoor waterproof TV cover

Brand: Amazon Basics | Sizes: 30-32″/46-48″/50-52″ | Price: Starts at $29.99

Top 7 outdoor TV enclosures | Candid.Technology

Last but not least, we’ve got a TV cover from Amazon Basics. Keep in mind that this is not an enclosure and won’t protect your TV from any heavy damages or theft. However, it will keep your TV safe from any water or weather elements. 

The cover itself is made of PCV and polyester, which is a totally washable and waterproof material. It’s also compatible with both single and double wall mounts. 

You can buy Amazon Basics Outdoor waterproof TV cover

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