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How to make Philosopher’s Stone in Little Alchemy 2?

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Little Alchemy 2 is a captivating puzzle game that combines creativity and curiosity. Players start with basic elements and combine them to create increasingly complex items, from simple materials like air and water to mythical and legendary objects. Among the most fascinating creations in Little Alchemy 2 is the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary object reputed to transform base metals into gold and bestow immortality.

This article will walk you through the steps on how to create the Philosopher’s Stone in Little Alchemy 2. You can watch the video below or continue reading the article.

Combinations to create Philosopher’s Stone

There are a total of three combinations that you can use to create Death in Little Alchemy 2 and they are mentioned below:

  • Immortality + Stone
  • Immortality + Rock
  • Immortality + Alchemist

Creating the Philosopher’s Stone

Before you embark on your quest, note that the Philosopher’s Stone belongs to the Myths and Monsters content pack. This downloadable content (DLC) adds a whole new layer of fantastical elements to the game, available for purchase within the Little Alchemy 2 mobile app (Android and iOS).

To create Philosopher’s Stone in Little Alchemy 2, we will use Immortality and Stone.

To create Philosopher’s Stone follow the steps below:

To create Philosopher’s Stone we need Immortality and Stone. Immortality becomes a basic element when you purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack. So, we just need to create Stone and for that we need Lava and Air.

  • Combine Earth and Fire to create Lava.
  • After that combine Lava and Air to create Stone.
  • Finally, combine Immortality with Stone to create the Philosopher’s Stone.

Elements you can create using Philosopher’s Stone

There are a few elements that you create using Philosopher’s Stone, and they are mentioned below:

  • Human + Philosopher’s Stone = Deity
  • Bottle + Philosopher’s Stone = Elixir of Life
  • Metal + Philosopher’s Stone = Gold
  • Steel + Philosopher’s Stone = Gold
  • Quicksilver + Philosopher’s Stone = Gold

Experimentation is key in Little Alchemy 2. If you’re having trouble finding a specific element, explore different combinations. With a little patience and exploration, you’ll be wielding the power of the Philosopher’s Stone in no time.

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