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Pixel 8 users get 3-year extended support for display issues

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Google announced a three-year Extended Repair Program specifically targeting Pixel 8 smartphones. This initiative aims to provide additional support for several Pixel 8 devices that experience display-related issues such as vertical lines and screen flickering.

An important point to note is that the company isn’t promising that every Pixel 8 will be covered by this service. Google or the authorised repair partner will eventually decide whether the phone qualifies for the Extended Repair Program.

Google has committed to offering support coverage for affected devices for up to three years from the original retail purchase date, ensuring that users can rely on their smartphones without the burden of costly repairs.

Before the extended support, Google announced the same for two years for Pixel 5a devices in 2022.

“Google is offering an Extended Repair Program to provide support coverage for affected Pixel 8 devices for 3 years after the date of original retail purchase,” said the company.

The official eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The device must display a vertical line from the bottom to the top of the screen or have noticeable screen flickering.
  • The device identifier, such as the IMEI or serial number, must be verified by Google or an authorised repair partner as eligible for the program.
Google keeps announcing extended repair programs for its Pixel devices, the last one was in 2022 for Pixel 5a.

For Pixel 8 owners whose devices do not qualify for the Extend Repair Program but are experiencing similar display issues, Google reassures that these devices might still be covered under the standard Limited Warranty.

The program does not extend Pixel 8’s standard Limited Warranty coverage, but Google is providing a 90-day warranty for all repairs under the Extended Repair Program.

Moreover, other damages, including display or coverglass damage or liquid intrusion, do not qualify for the program.

Additionally, Google encourages users facing any other device problems to explore various support options, including visiting the Pixel Phone Help Center, engaging with the Pixel community, or reaching out directly to Google’s support team.

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