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Every Project IGI cheat code that you must know

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Every Project IGI cheat code that you must know

Project IGI, released by Innerloop Studios in December 2000, is one of the first computer games to hallmark realistic weaponry and strategic first-person shooter games wherein you play as a classified and unrevealed agent charged with restoring information about a stolen nuclear warhead. 

The game follows the story of Agent Jones, tasked with restoring information on the missing nuclear warhead from Josef Priboi. You play through mission levels from various locations where you have to achieve goals to get closer to the current whereabouts of Priboi.

The game places urgency on being patient and stealthy, as there are also cameras and alarms. Although you can hack into security premises to disable cameras for a few minutes, this has a hidden timer so it’s recommended to pull them down when you can.

Taking this difficulty level into consideration, IGI is on the top of the list. However, at this point cheat codes really come in handy with which you can play the game highly efficiently, and without much difficulty. More so, since the game doesn’t allow you to save between missions.

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How to use cheat codes in Project IGI?

Using cheat codes on Project IGI is the simplest ever as all you need to do is pause the game and then enter the cheat codes  — listed below — to enable the cheat mode and you’re good to go.

You can use any of the cheat codes for Project IGI to have some fun and make the challenge a lot easier. Check out the list below. 

Project IGI Cheat CodesDescription
 needbackupTo get assistance from two men
holowmanTo enable invisibility
imdoneTo complete or skip the mission
stormydayqTo activate stormy weather
bigbangTo get tanks destroyed
all gunTo enable unlimited ammo
aspirinTo enable unlimited health
supermanTo enable flight mode
damnTo commit suicide
diehardTo kill an enemy
EwwwTo kill all the enemies

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