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Microsoft unveils Proteus Controller for gamers with disabilities for $299

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Microsoft announced the Proteus Controller, a modular adaptive kit designed specifically for Xbox gaming enthusiasts with disabilities, for $299.

The gaming console, designed by ByoWave as a part of the Designed for Xbox program, features an intuitive ‘snap and play’ design and empowers disabled gamers to customise their gaming setups effortlessly, providing a tailored experience that meets their unique needs.

The Proteus Controller features small cubes with interchangeable faceplates, controller buttons, a directional pad, and analogue sticks. These components can be easily connected in various configurations, offering over 100 setups and LED lighting options. This versatility is especially beneficial for one-handed gamers and others with disabilities, enabling them to find the most comfortable and functional controller layout.

“As part of this journey, we are continuously partnering with the disability community to help shape our accessibility products and services, proactively collaborating with nonprofit organisations, and taking the time to listen and learn when we miss the mark,” announced Microsoft.

The gaming console stands out for its customisable buttons, allowing users to tailor their gaming experiences using a companion app. While it supports Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 and 11 platforms, it does not offer compatibility with PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch at present. However, future partnerships with these platforms are a possibility.

Source: Xbox

The Proteus Controller is available for pre-order at a reduced price of $255 on ByoWave’s official website. Shipping is anticipated to commence in the autumn. The package comprises essential accessories like a USB-C charging cable, a Bluetooth dongle, extra components such as left and right handles for conventional gamepad configuration, and large one-button peripherals.

Furthermore, Xbox is addressing accessibility challenges head-on by rolling out updates for users impacted by unauthorised accessories on the Xbox platform. These updates include enhancements to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and expanded support for a wider range of accessories connected via USB ports.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was originally released in 2018 and will soon support more accessories. Each USB port accommodates up to 12 buttons, a second stick, and a hat switch. The firmware update will be available in the following months.

Furthermore, Microsoft announced new accessibility features in Candy Crush Soda Saga, Diablo IV, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

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