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Proton VPN Plus adds NetShield Ad-Blocker

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Proton VPN has announced an upgrade with the NetShield Privacy Panel that blocks ads, malware, and trackers on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

This latest upgrade is available for only paid users of Proton VPN which includes Proton VPN Plus, Proton
Unlimited, Proton Visionary. The Privacy Panel also provides a dashboard to keep the statistics of the ads and trackers blocked as well as data saved. The blocked malware will also lead to an increase in the browsing speed as more bandwidth is freed leading to a private and secure browsing experience.

With NetShield Ad-blocker, Proton VPN aims to protect its users from unnecessary ads, dangerous malware, and trackers that slow down their browser speeds.

NetShield Privacy Panel

The statistics shown on your Privacy Panel are reset automatically when you disconnect from Proton VPN. Furthermore, the NetShield Privacy Panel does not reset if disconnected, its kill switch settings are changed, or the VPN settings.

The NetShield Ad-Blocker will protect you on two levels:

  • Level 1: The Ad-Blocker stops loading resources on domains that host malicious software or spyware.
  • Level 2: All ads and trackers, including malware, used by ad tech companies to target you are blocked.

If you enable NetShield along with Proton VPN, then any website that you visit will have its address checked against a huge database of sites that contain malware or spyware.

If the domain or any component like an image on the website matches the malware-riddled websites list, then NetShield will block it from loading. You can also turn off NetShield if you think that the website has been blocked as a misjudgment.

NetShield protects your entire device instead of just the browser and will remove any ad that hogs your screen. Using NetShield will lead to a fast browsing experience with reduced data usage.

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