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What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

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If you are looking for a way to raise your security and anonymity on the internet, switching Proxies regularly works. A Proxy Switcher is an application built for Windows that protects you and guards your privacy. Privacy has always been a major concern for all web users however, not all are aware of its various applications.

In this article, we will look at the top seven proxy switchers for your PC that can help you protect yourself.

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Proxy Switcher

It is an extension on your web browser that changes your location automatically so your information remains private. Replacing your hassle of changing proxies every time you surf the web. It switches between various proxy servers automatically, concealing your location entirely.

A proxy switcher makes your work easier by switching proxies for you and protects you from any vicious malware. You overcome limits without worrying about your privacy.

Top 7 Proxy Switchers

The top seven proxy switchers that you can contemplate getting are as follows:


It is a web browser extension available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They use a system called GeoShift to juggle between 100 different locations. They identify your country and present the required anonymity.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

It is a free extension and you would need to make a FoxyProxy account on their website to use the GeoShift. It automatically swaps proxy across different servers on the URL pattern.

It has custom colours to make it easier to know which proxy is in use and the advanced logging feature, when you use Firefox Sync it will automatically synchronize all your proxy settings with all other Firefox instances and you can import and export all your settings to files.

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Proxy SwitchyOmega

Proxy SwitchyOmega is an open-source program with great extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Proxy SwitchyOmega makes it easier and quicker to manage and switch between multiple profiles. It is supported by Chrome and Firefox.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

Proxy SwitchyOmega has an Auto Switch feature which allows you to connect the right proxies to the right websites, you just have to let it know about those proxies and websites and then it will automatically switch to those proxies whenever you access those websites.

You can just list all your proxies on SwitchyOmega and then enjoy switching proxies by just single-click on the pop-up menu. This extension does not show any connection issues but if you are using a shared IP then this extension won’t work.

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Proxy Switcher and Manager

Proxy Switcher and manager can be used as both a proxy switcher and a proxy manager, it helps you manage the proxies and allows you to switch proxies with its simple UI. It is supported by Chrome and Firefox.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

You can store multiple proxies in your profile and switch between them whenever you need them, it supports inline Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) script. It offers you free proxy services as well but as you know free is not always good, free proxies that Proxy Switcher and Manager provide are slow and less effective.

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BP Proxy Switcher

BP Proxy Switcher is offered by BuyProxies. BuyProxies is a very well-known private proxy service provider in the market. BP Proxy Switcher extension allows you to add all your proxies through a clipboard or URL, and after uploading them you can use them with a single click. It is supported by Chrome.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

It has an auto-rotation feature which automatically changes proxies every sixty seconds and it has another feature which shows the country name of each proxy. The extension does not have separate proxies for separate tabs, all tabs will use the same proxy.

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Smartproxy Proxy Changer

Smartproxy Proxy Changer is also one of the well-known proxy switchers which helps you switch between multiple proxies. It uses the patterns you use to automatically enable and disable proxies for different websites. It is supported by Chrome and Firefox.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

You don’t have to work manually, everything is done automatically which makes it easier to use. This extension does not track you and it is completely ad-free.

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Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher is another good proxy management tool, it is also easy to use and allows you to quickly switch between proxies from the toolbar. This extension is available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mini.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

This extension guards your privacy by allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. Proxy Switcher also uses PAC proxies which allow you to access banned and restricted sites and also lets you access password-protected servers.

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Best Proxy Switcher

It is available on both Chrome and Firefox. Best Proxy Switcher allows you to use your own proxies and gives you another option of downloading moat popular list of proxies for their own website for free.

What is a Proxy Switcher? Top 7 proxy switchers

The website provides more than 10,000 active proxies each day. Webmasters and advanced users who want more proxy servers can get unlimited access to their database by just paying a small amount.

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