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How to reset deadlines in Coursera?

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Online courses got a big boost in the past few years, allowing people to upskill from their homes. Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Udemy, among others, gained much traction. They helped bring about fruitful results to a sedentary lifestyle.

Coursera is a massive online learning platform that offers multiple free courses and financial aid. If you are currently pursuing a course from Coursera, you get the option to reset your deadlines.

To make things adaptable for a wide variety of people, Coursera allows rescheduling courses and specialisations.

This article will give a brief overview of how you can easily reset your deadlines on Coursera from your desktop and mobile app.

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How to reset deadlines in Coursera?

Coursera’s deadlines make life easier for you by helping you delay deadlines. You can follow the steps given below on a computer or on the mobile app to reset your deadlines:

Step 1: Open the Coursera website and sign-in; click on the In Progress tab to go to your current course.

How to reset deadlines in Coursera?

Step 2: Go to the course you want to reschedule and click on Reset deadlines, located below Go-To Course.

How to reset deadlines in Coursera?

Step 3: The course material page brings you to its reset deadline page. You can click on the blue icon — Reset my deadline — to reset deadlines in Coursera.

How to reset deadlines in Coursera?

It takes a few seconds to reset your course deadline. The option to reset deadlines can be used several times, allowing ample time to complete the course at your convenience.

For the mobile app, you can tap on the three-vertical dots on the top-right corner of the course block. Here, you will get two options, to Unenroll or Reset. The Reset option only appears if you have missed out on a deadline.

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