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Samsung unveils Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro in India

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro were introduced to the Indian market on Friday, starting at INR 27,999 and INR 44,999, respectively. Both the Galaxy Watch5 series smartwatches are available for pre-order on and leading online and offline stores starting August 16.

Galaxy Watch5 Dial SizeGalaxy Watch5 ConnectivityGalaxy Watch5 Price
40MMBluetoothINR 27999
40MMLTEINR 32999
44MMBluetoothINR 30999
44MMLTEINR 35999
Prebooking OffersGet Galaxy Buds2 worth INR 11999 at a cost of just INR 2999Multibank Cashback: INR 3000
Exchange Bonus: INR 3000
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The new Galaxy Watch5 series features a Bioactive sensor that tracks health and monitors sleep with three powerful sensors — optical heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis — which work in tandem to deliver heart rate, blood oxygen levels and stress level readings.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro Dial SizeGalaxy Watch5 Pro ConnectivityGalaxy Watch5 Pro Price
45MMBluetoothINR 44999
45MMLTEINR 49999
Prebooking OffersGet Galaxy Buds2 worth INR 11999 at a cost of just INR 2999Multibank Cashback: INR 5000
Exchange Bonus: INR 5000
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Wearers can also set goals, personalised workouts and track progress using the Body Composition tool. The watch also provides recovery data, including post-cardio heart rate after an intense workout and recommendations based on water consumption and sweat loss.

Galaxy Watch5 series also tracks sleep patterns, snoring and blood oxygen levels to send feedback to improve sleep quality. It also features SmartThings integration, which means they automatically sync with connected lights, AC units and TV.

The watch will also feature Google Maps, courtesy of One UI Watch4.5 OS.

Samsung seems to have worked harder on making the watch durable as it now comes with a titanium casing and a protruded bezel design to protect the display.

“Galaxy Watch5 series enhances the features that consumers rely on and offers complete health-related insights to users with revolutionary BioActive sensor that helps deliver extensive readings of heart rate, blood oxygen and stress level,” said Aditya Babbar, Senior Director and Head, Product Marketing, Samsung India.

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