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How to save Google Slides as PDF?

Google Slides is an excellent all online alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Not only can you access the same files between the applications, but also Google Slides makes it extremely easy for anyone to make beautiful presentations in no time.

There are hundreds of templates to chose from to get started on your presentation. Things like animations, slide formatting and even presentations are laid out neatly for users. However, a flashy presentation might not always work.

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Why would you want a presentation as PDF?

If you need to send your presentation over to someone, the best way to preserve the formatting is to convert the presentation to a PDF file before sending it over. This has numerous advantages as well. For instance, the file size is significantly smaller, making the file easier to share across multiple platforms.

There are, of course, other benefits to this as well. Since now all you’re left with is a PDF file, there’s no longer the hassle of ensuring every element (audio, external media, among others) is packed together, as you generally would have to with a presentation. PDFs are also way more secure than a presentation in the sense that your data will remain unchanged, and no one will be able to make changes to the file.

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Saving a Google Slides presentation as PDF

Google Slides has a built-in feature that lets users download presentations in several different formats, including pptx, jpg and, of course, PDF. Here’s how you can download your presentations as PDFs.

Step 1: Once you’re done making your presentation, save all changes and click on File.

Step 2: Hover over Download and select PDF Document to download your presentation as a PDF.

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