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How to create and setup a Gmail account?

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Email or Electronic mail is a modern and fast messenger service. You need an email in almost all your digital ventures, be it registering on a service or engaging in correspondence. Gmail is one of the most widely used email services by the search engine giant Google.

Here is a simple guide to help you create a Gmail account and set it up in 11 easy steps.

Open  and follow the steps given below.How to setup a Gmail account? | Candid.Technology Step 1: Click on Create Account at the top right of the screen.

Step 2: Enter the personal details such as your first name and last name.Step 3: Enter the name of the account you want. This is the unique username that will appear before the domain name, that is, before Remember, each username is unique, and if you have typed a used username, you cannot go forward. Step 4: Once you are done with that, type and confirm password. (Type a strong password which should be of a reasonable length and should contain a mix of letters as well as alphabets and symbols). After that, click on Next. Step 5: Fill in the additional details such as your phone number, which will be used by Google to verify.Step 6: Also, fill in your date of birth. Note, there is a minimum age requirement if you are making an account on Gmail. For most of the countries, the age limit is 13, but many countries have different age criteria which you can see here. Step 7: Fill in your gender details. Note that if you do not want to reveal your gender identity, you can click on Rather not say. When you have filled in all the details, click on Next. Step 8: If you want Google to send you the six-digit verification code, click on Send, otherwise click on Not now.Step 9: Read the privacy policy of Google here and then click on I agree. You do not have a choice per se. To move forward with the setup of your Gmail account, you will have to click on I agree button. Step 10: That’s it! The screen in front of your eyes is your Gmail account. Click on Next. Step 11: Choose a view that you like and then click on OK.

You will have successfully created your Gmail account and completed the initial setup. Now, this account can be used in all services by Google like Youtube, Google Drive, among others. We would suggest that you enable the two-factor authorisation for better security.

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