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Top 7 Snapchat story games

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Snapchat offers a wide range of arcade-style games that you and your friends can engage in, but they don’t provide much insight into each other’s personalities. However, if you’re looking for something more meaningful or enjoyable, consider trying out Snapchat story games.

In this article, we have listed the top seven Snapchat story games that you can play with your friends on Snapchat.

Random Questions

Source: Lilly Lou Lijia via Pinterest

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with new topics to talk about with your friends, give this random questions game a try. It includes a set of 10 questions, ranging from common ones to thought-provoking ones that can provide valuable insights into your friend’s personality. If understanding your friend on a deeper level is your goal, then this game will fulfil your search.

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This or That

Source: Keiko Lynn via Pinterest

Playing This or That is a simple way to get to know your new friends on a deeper level. In this game, you present a series of options, and your friend chooses their preferred option. It’s an engaging icebreaker that can lead to interesting conversations and make for an enjoyable Snapchat story game.

Name A Song That

Source: Glamm Templates via Pinterest

The majority of people enjoy listening to music, but what sets the experience apart is each person’s unique tastes and preferences. If you are curious about the music your friends are currently enjoying, you can try out the Name a Song that Snapchat story game. Made by Glamm Templates, this game is an excellent way to discover your friends’ musical preferences.

Yes, No, Maybe

Source: Janaireeia Sallie via Pinterest

Yes, No, Maybe is an entertaining game on Snapchat Stories, where participants respond with yes, no or maybe to a series of questions. What makes this game enjoyable is its simplicity, as it doesn’t demand much effort to participate. Moreover, it often leads to intriguing discoveries about your Snapchat friends along the way.

Never Have I Ever

Source: Claire Ince via Pinterest

Never Have I Ever is a traditional drinking game in which participants share experiences they have never had. While playing this game in person can be enjoyable, it can be equally entertaining and engaging when played through Instagram or Snapchat stories.


Source: Gabby Walton via Pinterest

Post is a Snapchat story game that involves requesting your Snapchat friends to share images or videos related to your specific interests. You can utilize the provided template or draw inspiration from it to create your own prompts using Snapchat’s story creation interface.

Kiss, Kill, Marry

Source: Lilly Loulijia via Pinterest

In this game, you request your friends to provide you with three names. Once you receive the names, you can categorize them into the kiss, kill or marry columns based on your personal feelings towards them. While the game is amusing.

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