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What is the difference between Sony XBR and KDL?

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Sony TVs are well known for their wide variety of high-quality televisions, among solid DSLRs and every console gamer favourite — Playstations.

Nowadays, we don’t use cable much as smart TVs make it easier to watch anything anytime we want. Companies have made services that you can use with the internet connection on your TV and watch movies, series and music whenever you want to.

You can use Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other platforms on these smart TVs.

In this article, we have talked about Sony XBR and Sony KDl and have done some comparisons between the features of both TVs.

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The Sony XBR 55-inch TV will cost you $3,499, while Sony KDL 55-inch TV will cost you around $1700.


Screen Size

People love bigger screens when buying a TV, so we have done some comparison for you on the display of these two TVs. Sony XBR has a screen size of 54.6-inches, while Sony KDL has a screen size of 55-inches.

  • Resolution: Resolution plays an important role in the image quality of the TV. Sony XBR has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, whereas Sony KDl comes at 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Pixel density: The higher the pixel density, the clearer the image on TV. Sony XBR has a pixel density of 80 PPI (Pixel Per Inch), while Sony KDL has a pixel density of 40.
  • Refresh rate: Sony XBR comes with a refresh rate of 960 Hz, whereas Sony KDL has a refresh rate of 200 Hz.
  • 3D display: Both the TVs support displaying 3D images, but in Sony XBR, you can only enjoy it when using 3D glasses only, whereas, in Sony KDL, you don’t need any 3D glasses to watch.


Sony XBR and Sony KDL both support WiFi 4 (802.11N), and both TVs have 4 HDMI ports. Sony XBR has HDMI 2.0, whereas Sony KDL has HDMI 1.4, Sony XBR has three USB ports, and Sony KDL has two USB ports.


Audio output is based on the number of speakers and the power, and high output gives you loud and clear audio. Both TVs have an audio output power of 3x10W. Both of them support Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. Sony KDL has Stereo speakers, while Sony XBR has Subwoofer.


Sony XBR has a width of 1.26m while Sony KDL has a width of 1.28m, Sony XBR weighs 28.2kg while the other is 26.7kg. The thickness of Sony XBR is 59mm, and Sony KDL is 49mm; the height of Sony XBR is 740mm, and Sony KDL is 773mm.


Both TVs have many common features:

  • Both TVs support smartphones as remotes
  • Both TVs support USB recording
  • Both TVs support PIP (Picture-in-picture) and PAP
  • Both TVs support the Search browser
  • Both TVs support the Sleep Timer
  • Both TVs support Child lock

The operating power consumption of Sony XBR is 264W, and Sony KDL is 113W. The power consumption in the standby mode of Sony XBR is 0.2W, and Sony KDL is 0.3W.

Sony XBR vs Sony KDL

We have listed some of the main comparison points below to make it easier for you to select one of them.

ParametersSony XBRSony KDL
Resolution3840×2160 px1920×1080 px
Screen Size54.6 inches55 inches
Pixel Density80 PPI40 PPI
Refresh Rate960 Hz200 Hz
HDMIHDMI 2.0, have 4 PortsHDMI 1.4, have 4 Ports
USB3 ports2 ports
Audio Power Output3×10 W3×10 W
Operating power consumption264 W113 W
Annual Power consumption258 kWh157 kWh

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