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Starlink ethernet adapter not working: Quick Fix

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Photo by Mike Mareen /

Photo by Mike Mareen /

If you have access to Starlink, the internet service from SpaceX, you have sometimes experienced the issue of the Starlink ethernet adapter not working properly.

A lot of people have complained about this issue on various online forums. Users have said that their ethernet adapter suddenly stopped working and went dark. An ethernet adapter is a device that connects your Starlink dish to your router or computer and allows you to enjoy faster and more reliable internet.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can fix this problem in just a few steps.

In this section, we’ll show you how to fix the Starlink ethernet adapter not working issue:

Check the hardware

Before moving forward, check if there is a problem with your ethernet adapter or the Starlink dish.

To do that, use the Starlink app to gauge your dish’s status and connection. If the app says everything is working fine, and the ethernet adapter is still not working, the likely culprit is the adapter alone.

On the other hand, if the app shows an error message or a warning sign, you may have a problem with the dish or the connection.

Check the hardware connections

If you have followed the first step, you may have understood the main hardware problem behind the Starlink ethernet adapter not working issue.

Now, it is time for you to inspect the hardware connections and ensure that all hardware components are properly connected. This means verifying the ethernet cable and the relevant port.

The setup shouldn’t have any loose connections if you want the internet to work properly.

Restart the Starlink dish and devices

A simple restart can sometimes fix the most complex issues, including the Starlink ethernet adapter not working.

Just disconnect the ethernet cable from the Starlink dish and your device, and then power off the Starlink dish by disconnecting it from the power supply. After that, shut down your device (for example, a computer or a console).

After everything has been shut down, wait a minute or so and reconnect the ethernet cable to both the Starlink dish and your device and power on the Starlink dish.

Now, wait for it to stabilise and check whether the internet is working.

Update the firmware and app

Outdated firmware and software have been known to cause issues with properly working the entire setup, causing many problems, such as the Starlink ethernet adapter not working.

Visit the official Starlink website or use the Starlink mobile application to check for the update.

While at it, ensure that your device’s operating system and network drivers are also up-to-date.

Try a different ethernet cable

Faulty ethernet cables can also cause the internet not to work properly. Try using a different ethernet cable to rule out any cable-related issues.

If the new cable works, the original one was at fault.

Power cycle your router

Another way to fix the Starlink ethernet not working issue is by power cycling the router.

The power cycle is a simple process. Just turn off your router and wait a minute before turning it back on. This will fix minor bugs with the network connection.

Contact Starlink support

As a last resort, you can contact Starlink support and request a new adapter or go for more technical diagnoses of the problem.

We hope that by following the above steps, you will successfully fix the Starlink ethernet adapter not working problem.

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