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What is SystemControlCenter? How to access it?

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Most modems or routers have a backend control centre interface that allows users to manage their devices and change security-related or managerial settings. However, if your router was provided by your ISP, chances are your management dashboard is also provided by them.

In this article, we’re talking about the System Control Center from HughesNet, a popular satellite internet provider. 

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System Control Center explained

Just like usual routers, System Control Center is a configuration page for your router that can be accessed from a web browser. You can either access this page from the internet using the HughesNet site link provided or by using the default local IP address of your router to be taken to the login page. 

Once there you’ll have to enter credentials to log in and access the settings. Your credentials should’ve been provided to you by the ISP. However, if they were not you can just try entering the default router username and password to see if that lets you log in. 

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From here on you can monitor your network, change settings like WiFi SSIDs and passwords, change DHCP routing rules, block or unblock devices from connecting to your network, push router firmware updates and do just about anything you’d need to do related to your router and network. 

Problems when accessing System Control Center

If you’re having issues when trying to access your system control centre, try out these four fixes.

Restart the router

The first thing you should do in such situations is to restart your router. Power cycling your router drains any residual charge and completely resets all the volatile memory hence resolving any bugs. Just unplug the router, wait for around 30-50 seconds and then plug it back in again. Now try accessing the control centre and it should work just fine. 

Check your local IP

If you’re getting an IP unresolved error when trying to access the settings page, chances are you’re entering the wrong IP address to access the router. Usually, routers would have their default IP and MAC address written on a sticker underneath. However, if that’s not the case you can get in touch with HughesNet support to find out the IP for your particular router. 

Check the wiring

Another possible cause of why your router might not be behaving properly can be mechanical damage to any incoming wires. Check to see if the WAN cable coming into the router from your ISP is seated properly and that there’s no physical damage to the cable. 

Contact support

If nothing else works, your best bet is to contact HughesNet support and have them fix the issue for you either remotely or by sending a qualified technician to your house. 

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