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Telegram introduces Stars for in-app purchases to boost mini-apps

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Telegram has launched ‘Stars,’ an in-app currency that enables users to pay for digital services within its growing ecosystem of mini-apps.

Unlike traditional mobile apps, Telegram’s mini-apps, like Notcoin, do not need to be installed, allowing them to spread quickly and reach a large audience. By using the platform’s social features, these mini-apps can rapidly gain tens of millions of users within weeks.

Mini apps are small applications that integrate within a larger app or platform and do not require special permissions or installation for them to work.

Telegram Star provides a payment method for digital services within these mini apps on Android and iOS. Developers can withdraw their earned Stars through Fragment using TON (The Open Network) or reinvest them to promote their apps on Telegram under preferential terms.

“With Telegram Stars, mini apps can now accept payments for digital services using the simplest payment method possible – in-app purchases on Android and iOS,” said Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram. “Mini app developers can withdraw their Stars via Fragment using TON. They can also use Stars to further promote their apps on Telegram — on preferential terms!”

Source: Telegram

One notable advantage for developers is subsidising ad purchases made with Telegram Stars. While Apple and Google typically take a 30% commission on in-app purchases, Telegram’s subsidy reduces the overall commission to nearly zero if the Stars are reinvested in advertising. This economic incentive positions Telegram as a more attractive platform for app launches than traditional mobile app marketplaces.

“Apple and Google take a 30% commission when users buy Stars from them, but Telegram will subsidize ads purchased with Telegram Stars. So if developers reinvest Stars in promoting their app, the overall commission will be nearly 0%!,” explains Durov.

The introduction of Telegram Stars comes amid a mini-app boom, solidifying Telegram’s status as a premier destination for new app launches. This initiative is expected to accelerate the growth and reach of mini-apps further, marking a new development in the history of social media platforms.

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