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TikTok expands third-party integrations with Sound and Login kits

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TikTok has introduced two new developer tools, Sound Kit and Login Kit, which will expand its third-party app integrations and allow users to log in to the selected services using their TikTok credentials, including PUBG, IRL, Allstar and more.

TikTok has released the SDK for mobile, web and console applications globally.

The sound kit will allow creators from third-party apps, including Audiobidge, LANDR, Rapchat and Yourdio, to share their original music with TikTok users and collaborate with creators on the platform who can use their sounds or music in videos.

The login kit will allow users to sign in to third-party apps using their TikTok login credentials. Creators will also be able to add their TikTok videos to the following platforms that have already integrated the TikTok login kit, which will allow them to showcase their content to more people and potentially increase engagement.

  • Allstar
  • Breathwrk
  • Burpple
  • EME Hive
  • IRL
  • Medal
  • Lolly
  • MeetMe
  • Monet
  • Neon
  • PUBG
  • Snack
  • Swipehouse
  • Streamlabs

Needless to say, every login through this kit will need users to give permissions to the third-party apps to access their information and videos on TikTok.

“Through the Sound Kit and Login Kit for TikTok, we’re providing seamless integration solutions that help developers expand their reach, increase exposure for creators, and empower our community to showcase their content on other platforms,” said Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, TikTok.

The update comes a day after Youtube Shorts, Google’s Tiktok-rival, was rolled out to all creators in USA. In March 2021, Google claimed that Shorts were viewed over 6.5 billion times daily, six months after launch.

“TikTok has built a global platform for creators to share their work and get inspired, and LANDR’s mission is to empower musicians to create, collaborate and be heard. To give our community the ability to seamlessly share their work on TikTok is such a perfect fit. That’s why we’re so excited to be an early partner in this program,” said Pascal Pilon, CEO & Founder, LANDR.

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