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How to turn off sound on Instagram stories?

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Do you want to turn off the sound on Instagram stories? Many people like me want to enjoy the visuals without the audio distraction.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with two billion monthly active users worldwide. The popularity of Instagram has been leveraged by its parent company, Meta, for a new platform, Threads.

In this article, we’ll show you how to mute Instagram stories so you can browse them in quiet.

Why would you want to turn off sound on Instagram stories?

Before continuing further, first, let us understand the benefits of muting sound on Instagram stories:

  • Maybe you’re in a public space and don’t want to bother others.
  • You don’t want to disturb or pause your favourite music or TV show to view Instagram stories.
  • Or, you find the sound annoying and prefer to focus on visuals.

Whatever the reason, it is quite easy to mute Instagram stories.

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How to turn off sound on Instagram stories?

In this section, we’ll explore exactly how to mute Instagram stories:

Mute directly from the stories

One way is to directly use the mute option once you have opened the Instagram stories.

Open any Instagram Stories on your feed, tap on the three-dot button at the top-right of the screen and then select Mute.

Mute via the volume control button on your phone

Another way is to use the volume buttons on the side of your phone. After you have opened an Instagram story, press the downward volume button to set the volume to zero.

However, remember that using the volume buttons to mute Instagram stories will turn off all the sounds on your device, including the notifications.

Turn off sound on Instagram stories via the posts

You can also turn off the sound in Instagram posts, and after that, if you open the Instagram stories, they will be muted already.

To mute Instagram posts, tap on the sound icon at the bottom right of the post. Once you have done that, you will see that the sound icon is slashed. This means that the posts are now muted.

That’s it! You have successfully learned how to turn off sound on Instagram stories. Now you can enjoy them without any noise interference. In case you want to unmute Instagram Stories, head to this article.

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