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Tweets get a view counter and Twitter Blue gets longer video uploads

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As promised by Elon Musk earlier this month, Twitter has announced that view counts for tweets are now visible across the platform on Android and iOS and will be coming soon to the web. However, Community, Twitter Circle and several older tweets will not show a view count.

The feature initially started rolling out on Wednesday but was quite limited and rather similar in functionality to what you’d get if you’d simply enable analytics for your account. That said, by Thursday the roll-out covered a significant part of the platform with view counts available on the app for just about every account. 

Musk’s inspiration behind this feature was to show how much more ‘alive’ Twitter is as likes, replies and retweets often don’t tell the full story. The Twitter owner also added that over 90% of Twitter users read but don’t tweet, reply or like as they’re public actions. 

The bar for a view is also rather low at the moment. According to Twitter, anyone who views your tweet, regardless of where they see it counts as a view. This also includes tweet authors looking at their tweets. Looking at a tweet from two separate devices also counts as a view.

Twitter Blue gets longer video uploads

The feature train doesn’t end with view counters. Starting Friday, Twitter Blue users can now upload videos up to 60 minutes long at 1080p resolution and up to 2GB in file size from the web.

Twitter says it will consider changing the video quality during distribution, but this does open the platform up to a lot of long-form video content. Previously, Twitter Blue users were limited to 10-minute-long videos at 1080p with file sizes as high as 512MB.

However, as mentioned before, the new limit only applies if you’re uploading from the web. If you’re using the Android or iOS apps, the older 10-minute video limit still applies, alongwith the file size and resolution limitations.

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