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Google rolls out the unified Gmail interface

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Gmail’s new view, based on Google’s Material Design 3, is rolling out to all users, including all the benefits from Google Workspace. These changes include a complete redesign of now Gmail looks and close integration of all of Google’s chat services. 

For starters, Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet are now combined in a single, unified interface to keep people better connected. The changes should already be there for any Gmail user with Chat enabled. Users can toggle between the four services mentioned above at the click of a button, system labels are now separated from user-made labels, and conversation bubbles with a preview of the incoming messages are also supported. The conversation bubbles will also support quick replies, like those seen on Android 12. 

Google rolls out the unified Gmail interface
Gmail’s new Material Desing 3-based layout. | Source: Google

This new view is also personalisable according to the user’s preference. Gmail can now be customised as a standalone email client or as a central hub for Chat, Spaces, and Meet using quick settings available on the left side of the window.

Gmail’s new integrated view was announced as a sneak-peak preview in January, and user feedback has played a large part in shaping the final product since then. 

That said, users aren’t being forced to switch to the new view. Google can toggle between views to help users decide what works best. There’s no word yet on whether the old view will be discontinued. 

Outside of aesthetic changes, Gmail is also getting “search chips” to make searching for particular messages easier and improve search results. Google also promises to bring better emojis, more accessibility capabilities and more features for tablet users. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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