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Vimeo announces three AI-based video editing tools

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Vimeo has announced three new AI-based tools to help automate video editing processes on its platform. The new tools include an AI script generator, teleprompter, and text-based video editor. The features will be available starting July 17 in Vimeo’s Standard plan, the second tier of the company’s paid offerings.

The features themselves are simple and cut to the bone. Although not a new idea, the AI script generator works exactly how you’d expect. It can generate a complete video script while accounting for user inputs, tone and duration on any given topic with a simple prompt. This approach is slightly different from other platforms, especially TikTok, whose AI script generator is aimed at helping businesses produce ads instead of just being available to any consumer. 

Vimeo’s trio of AI-powered features aim to make video creation easy.

Next up on the line is a teleprompter feature. Like teleprompters, Vimeo’s implementation will bring a built-in script display to the platform. The pace and font size can be personalised according to the speaker. 

Lastly, the company is also announcing a text-based video editor. This editor can cut out filler words, long pauses and any other wanted sections of the video in a few clicks, eliminating the long manual work of cutting clips in a (usually expensive) video editing program. The goal here is to help save time and simplify the editing process for beginners as post-production edits are usually the most time-consuming part of the video production process. 

The company’s internal research shows that almost half of its customers require multiple takes while creating videos, with 25% requiring over five takes. The tools are aimed at beginner video creators to help them achieve the results they lack the time, skill or resources. Vimeo has already opened sign-ups for early access. As mentioned, the tools should be available starting July 17 as part of Vimeo’s Standard and Pro plans. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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