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What are DP Charges in Zerodha?

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Zerodha offers brokerage-free equity trading, but charges are still applicable on your debit transactions. These charges that apply to your selling transactions are the DP charges. Depository Holding and the Depository Participants levy these DP charges on your selling orders. Like brokerage charges or transaction fees, a DP charge gets deducted every time you sell shares from your Demat Account.

As a DP charge, an amount of Rs. 13.5 + 18% GST per day per scrip deducts on every share you sell in a day. The charges would apply only when the stocks move out from your account. Once the sell order is successful, the shares get debited from your Demat Account and fees is deducted. It is mandatory to pay the DP charges when you sell shares directly from your Demat Account.

For example, if you sell 50 stocks of X, each in the morning and later during the afternoon in a single trade day, the total DP charge applicable on your sell transaction per scrip would be Rs 13.5 + GST.

Similarly, if you sell 50 shares of X in the morning and 50 shares of Y during the afternoon on a single trade day, then the DP charges applicable on your sell transaction per scrip is a total of Rs. 27 (13.5 for X + 13.5 for Y) + GST.

What are DP Charges in Zerodha?

Read ahead to find out more about the DP charges in Zerodha. Also, grab ahold of the details on the deduction of these charges on your sell orders.

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Important facts about DP charges

We all know that DP charges in Zerodha apply to most of the selling operations on your Demat Trading Account. A few details are unknown to most account holders:

  • Depositories and their participants post these DP charges to your ledger account. The same does not reflect on the contract note you hold.
  • DP charges apply irrespective of the number of sell orders. Hence the charges are applicable per day per stock.
  • These charges came into effect on May 3, 2019.
  • Deduction of Rs 5.5 + GST charges is no longer applicable on mutual funds.
  • Zerodha also applies an annual charge of Rs. 300 as Annual Maintenance Charge. Every account holder must pay these charges to Zerodha.

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