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What does it mean when someone has their notifications silenced?

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Many have faced confusion in the face of silenced notifications curiously not on their devices but on those of others. Meaning that some iPhone users have noticed a small text message that informs them when someone in their messages list has switched off their notifications. If you are one of those afflicted with this message and are confused as to why you are privy to this message which is clearly a personal choice of that person who also has an iPhone, then this article will help.

Hence, in this article, we will decipher what it means when someone has their notifications silenced and what you can do about the same.

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Why are you seeing this message?

There is no need to worry about the small text message that informs you if a person has switched off their notification as it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • It can be an error occurring due to the iOS 15.1 update.
  • It can be due to the other person switching on a focus mode on their iPhone.

If the person you have been texting has enabled a certain Focus Mode such as the Do Not Disturb Mode, Driving Mode, or Sleep Mode can reduce push notifications. All that a ‘notifications silenced’ message conveys is that the person you were texting has switched on a mode that restricts any notification from being displayed on the screen. So it is likely that any notification for a personal message sent by you will not reach that individual unless they open your personal chat to view your message.

Another reason, why this might be visible for some people but not all is because you may have previously shared your Focus Mode settings with them. Due to this, you may be notified when any Focus Mode is active on that individual’s device, be it an iPad or an iPhone, or any other iOS device especially if you have your Focus Modes synced across all of your Apple devices. So if even one of your devices is in Focus Mode, it might show the other person the ‘notifications silenced’ message.

It could be also due to glitches or bugs if you have not updated your software to the latest iOS. If your device is functioning on iOS 15.1, then it might cause this message to show more often even if you are not in any Focus Mode.

What can you do about it?

If you can see this message on someone’s chat, then you can inform them about this and they can switch off their Focus Mode. Other similar and effortless fixes include:

  • You can ask them to switch off their DND mode and disable any other Focus Mode in settings. Any new notifications will begin showing on their screen, including your calls or messages.
  • You can ask them to head to Focus in their settings and switch off the syncing of Focus Mode across all devices. This option will be present as a toggle in front of Share Across Devices.
  • You can ask them to add a few apps to the Allowed Apps in the Focus Mode settings on your iPhone. This will unrestrict any notifications from certain apps. Similarly, you can also make an exception for certain people to glide through your Focus Mode and contact you under Allowed Notifications.
  • If someone has asked you to unsilence your notifications then you can check if your Low Power Mode is disabled. Your iPhone automatically shifts to this mode when the battery is low. This mode restricts any background app to lower battery drain by significant amounts and hence can stop all notifications.

Furthermore, you can check for any latest software updates, remove your phone from silent mode, and clear the cache from your messaging and phone app.

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