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What does the X mean on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a popular instant messaging platform that allows users to click pictures or record videos and send them to their friends. You can also maintain a streak by swapping photos and videos daily with your friends. However, even though it is a widely used app, you can sometimes require help to decode its unique features.

In this article, we tell you the use of one of its features, seen as a grey X icon. Read on to find out about the various interpretations of the same.

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Snapchat X explained

Snapchat is continuously used by Gen Z and the upcoming generation Alpha, leaving one to stumble upon new terms every day. The app has many icons to indicate every action performed by the user. Be it opening a message from your friend, viewing their image or video, taking a screenshot, or viewing their stories. These are indicated by distinctly coloured arrows, boxes, and circles.

One such icon is a grey-coloured X that is strangely not indicative of just one function. This grey X has multiple interpretations:

Sign 1: Pending Friend Request

Scrolling down, if you come across a small grey X icon in place of the camera or text icon in front of their name, this can be a reason. Your friend request might be pending—the person you have sent a request to probably has not accepted it yet.

It can also be vice-versa, and you have not yet accepted their friend request. When you tap on their name, two options will pop up. One will be to accept the request, and the other will be to report or block.

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Sign 2: Blocked

The grey X can also mean that the person has blocked you, removing you from their contacts. If this happens, there is no other way to contact them other than another social media platform. You will not be able to message them, see their snaps or view their stories.

Sign 3: Friend Removal

Another outcome of blocking or direct removal causes the ominous grey X to appear in front of your contacts. This means that the person has directly removed you from their friend list. You can still send a friend request again or message them, which will remain pending until they have accepted your request.

If you have come across a grey X in your Snapchat contact list, you can take the hint and move on from that contact.

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