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What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?

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What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?

Popular Youtuber SteveWillDoIt’s Youtube channel hasn’t showcased any videos in his uploads sections or on the Home tab, which has led many people to ask the question: What happened to SteveWillDoIt Youtube channel? Has it been deleted/suspended or has the creator taken down the videos?

Stephen Deleonardis owns the SteveWillDoIt channel and multiple sources put his net worth between $3-10 million. Over the past two weeks, people visiting the creator’s profile have been greeted with the message: “The channel has no videos”.

The interesting part is that SteveWillDoIt’s Youtube channel is still active, which indicates it hasn’t been deleted or suspended.

While it’s unclear if or when the videos on SteveWillDoIt’s channel will reappear, the protagonist of the channel has been active otherwise with Nelk — another popular Youtube channel that brought him to fame and has recently launched an NFT project.

The SteveWillDoIt channel posted a community post on February 8 about the new Nelk video, which also features Stephen Deleonardis. There’s another community post from February 1 about a Nelk video.

What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?
Two new community posts have surfaced on the channel since the videos were removed

According to stats seen on Social Blade, SteveWillDoIt either deleted or privated all of his videos on January 18, 2022.

There are numerous rumours and fan theories around this SteveWillDoIt episode, but here we delve into the three most likely scenarios that answer the question: What happened to SteveWillDoIt Youtube channel?

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Copyrighted music

SteveWillDoIt is known to use a lot of popular songs in his videos, which include copyrighted material. While using copyrighted stuff usually only leads to a copyright claim, repeated offenders can get a copyright strike too.

While a copyright claim essentially redirects anything earned from the video’s monetisation to the person or entity holding the copyright, a copyright strike results in channel’s suspension or deletion.

So, there have been several instances where SteveWillDoIt channel has used copyright music — allegedly without license — and that has been cited as one of the reasons SteveWillDoIt LLC has ended up deleting or marking all the videos as private to avoid further penalties.

There are only two ways out of this situation for SteveWillDoIt. He can either resolve the issue with the respective parties that have put a copyright strike on the video or delete all of them permanently — if he hasn’t already.

SteveWillDoIt’s Youtube channel isn’t the only one of his social media presence to take a hit but people had also tweeted out saying that his Instagram page was suspended.


Crypto and NFT scam investigator, Coffeezilla, in collaboration with SomeOrdinaryGamers, investigated Nelk and SteveWillDoIt’s dealings with an allegedly fraudulent betting company called Roobet, which also collaborated with other famous US-based Youtuber, including members of the Faze clan.

The investigation spanned over six episodes on Youtube, shared between the two aforementioned investigators. SteveWillDoIt was seen profusely apologising in his conversation with Coffezilla and blamed lack of knowledge for partaking in the scam. Nelk was also held responsible for the same.

What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?

The increasing engagement with the videos regarding the scam could be one of the reasons that SteveWIllDoit has removed the videos from the channel.

If this is actually the case, this won’t be the first SteveWillDoIt LLC’s channel to take the hit. The Youtuber also removed videos from his gambling channels after the scam allegations surfaced online last year in October.

Create a frenzy

If you know SteveWillDoit, you know he can do anything to get viral on the internet — be it guzzling litres of alcoholic beverages in one go or smoking obscene amounts of cannabis.

One of the far-fetched theories — many rumours circulating around the internet suggest that SteveWillDoIt privated all of the channel’s videos to generate a buzz about the channel and get everyone talking about what’s going on.

While this doesn’t seem as possible, nothing seems impossible in SteveWillDoit’s case.

Currently, SteveWillDoIt’s channel has two playlists — one containing Nelk and other funny videos and another with Happy Dad seltzer promo vides, which is a venture of Nelk in collaboration with SteveWillDoIt LLC.

What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?

The channels’ homepage features the following channels: Nelk, Happy Dad, Full Send Podcast, Full Send Metacard (their NFT project), Full Send Golf and Full Send Podcast Clips.

What happened to SteveWillDoIt channel?
SteveWillDoIt is one of the most influential members of Nelk

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