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What happens in Fantasy Football if a game is cancelled or suspended?

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Fantasy Football is a counterpart of real football where players assemble an imaginary team of real players and score points based on how the players perform in real life. The format extends beyond football into other sports as well as is quite the industry with multiple websites dedicated to developing the community and betting sites hosting their own fantasy football games. 

However, since the results of fantasy football games depend on players’ real-life performance, a game getting cancelled or suspended can have in-game consequences as well. 

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Is Fantasy Football affected if a game is cancelled or suspended?

The short answer is yes. However, exactly what happens depends on the sport and contest type as well as the postponement itself. If a contest offers a late swap, players in your lineup can be edited until kick-off.

If a game is postponed and no stats have been recorded for that particular match, you can edit or swap the players in a game that hasn’t started yet. Keep in mind that normal editing rules will apply here.

Overall, for one-day football (or baseball, basketball and hockey) games, if the postponed game is played on the same day, players receive points as usual. For games that are played another day or cancelled, players receive no points.

For playoffs or any other contests that are scheduled to include games from multiple days, you’ll receive points for any games that are played no later than the day after the last game scheduled as part of the contest. In such cases, if game cancellations or postponement means there’s only one game left, the contest is cancelled and all entry fees are refunded.

As far as American football (or American Rugby is concerned), if a game is cancelled or suspended, fantasy football will treat every player from the involved squads as injured and the players would be disabled, only to be reenabled next Tuesday. It’s a pretty straightforward solution, but one that causes quite the chaos in leagues. 

If the game is cancelled and/or suspended and not rescheduled, both rosters are labelled ‘out’ in fantasy football. This means that any players on your roster from the affected teams can also be placed on IR in fantasy football for that specific week.

The league commissioner then can alter the number of IR spots to accommodate the reduced number of players if they want. This also can result in changed waiver timeframes and trades can go through faster. 

However, instances of real-life games being cancelled are quite rare, with a few close calls happening because of the pandemic. It hasn’t really been an issue in the past, but it does cause quite the reshuffling when it does happen. 

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