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WhatsApp Android beta introduces Meta AI-generated user images

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WhatsApp beta for Android (version is working on a feature that leverages Meta AI’s capabilities to generate self-images.

The journey began with the WhatsApp beta for Android, which introduced the option for users to choose different Meta AI Llama models. Users could opt for the default Llama 3-70B model for quicker responses or the more advanced Llama 3-405B model for complex queries.

Building on this foundation, the latest beta update explores this feature further: generating AI images of users. According to WABetaInfo’s leaked screenshots, WhatsApp is developing a feature where users can take a single set of photos that Meta AI will analyse to create accurate AI representations of their appearance.

Users will be prompted to take setup photos, which Meta AI will use to generate their AI images. These photos ensure that generated images reflect the user’s appearance.

Source: WABetaInfo

Users will have full control over their setup photos, with an option to delete them at any time through Meta AI settings. This optional feature requires users to opt in and enable it in their settings.

Users can type “Imagine me” in the Meta AI conversation to generate an AI image. Additionally, this feature can be used in other chats by typing “@Meta AI imagine me.” It is worth noting that Meta AI processes this command separately, ensuring that it does not read other messages, thus preserving user privacy.

The company also assures additional security and privacy by automatically sharing the resulting AI image in the message. However, Meta AI can be a bit invasive and insecure.

In May, WhatsApp beta introduced Event Reminder for community chats function and a one-minute voice note for status updates.

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