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Here’s why you were temporarily banned from WhatsApp

Recently, a lot of people started reporting they are temporarily banned from using WhatsApp. These bans were increasing in duration and seemed to have popped up all of a sudden without any explanation. As it turns out, the bans are stepping stones to getting rid of the many mods that are out there for WhatsApp.

You see, as great as WhatsApp is, there are still many features that it’s missing. These modded versions of Whatsapp provide added privacy features and some cool stuff like reading deleted messages, status and so on.

As a result, a large number of the audience had migrated from the official WhatsApp to these mods. However, there was a catch.

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Why are modded versions of Whatsapp being banned?

You see, all these mods were based on the WhatsApp base 2.19.115, which was discovered to have a security loophole that allowed hackers to get access to your device.

Now while WhatsApp has fixed this issue on the original version, since they have no control over the many modded versions out there, millions of users remain at risk. Also, the fact that these users are communicating with users that use the official version means that the ‘end to end’ encryption that WhatsApp offers is also compromised.

Here's why you were temporarily banned from WhatsApp
The ban I received

Hence, to preserve user security and their fate, WhatsApp decided to go ahead and ban all the modded version users, forcing them to switch to the official version. These bans start as a 20-minute ban and can go as high as 24 hours. They even might extend to a permanent ban if the user doesn’t switch.

The bans are also quite annoying. They’ll pop up every time you’re using your phone. So much so that you’ll have to minimise them multiple times before being able to use your phone. Even then they pop up after a couple of minutes.

Will you be able to use modded versions again?

There is an outrage in the ‘modded’ community about these bans. Switching back to the original version means that they lose a lot of functionality they are acquainted. Most people (including myself) aren’t pleased about the decision.

Developers of all the leading mods have already posted updates that they’re working on updating the bases so that the new mods don’t get banned. Some have come up with fixes while some like YoWhatsApp (I use this one) is still being updated.

Developers are in a hurry to update their mods to WhatsApp base 2.19.150, which is officially the latest one. Since most of these developers are independent and offer their mods for free without any ads or whatever, one can expect the process to be slow.

YoWhatsApp developer working on a potential fix

How it turns out for these developers, we are yet to see. One thing is clear though, WhatsApp has upset a lot of people with strict banning. Whether or not WhatsApp will be able to provide functionality anywhere near these mods is also under doubt. Besides, with ads soon coming to the app, WhatsApp’s glory days might be over.

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