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Encrypted messaging app Wickr Me will shut down in 2023

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Encrypted messaging app Wickr, which was acquired by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in July 2021, will be shutting down its consumer-focused messaging app on December 31, 2023. Wickr Me will stop accepting new user registrations after December 31, 2022.

The shutdown only affects Wickr Me, the previously paid encrypted messaging app, which was made free after its acquisition. Amazon also started packaging the app with its business offerings, and this change won’t affect the business-facing apps — AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise.

Moving forward, Wickr will focus on its business-centric products, including AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise, that help secure business and public sector customers’ data and communications.

AWS Wickr will support data retention obligation while providing an end-to-end encrypted secure line of communication for its enterprise customers. The company is also working on a secure feature to enable businesses and public sector customers to communicate with people outside their network.

AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise aren’t affected

“We understand the need for our customers to maintain secure communication for sensitive information, and we are working closely with customers to meet their needs with AWS Wickr,” the company announced on Friday. “AWS Wickr helps business and public sector customers address evolving threats and regulations by combining security and administrative features designed to safeguard sensitive communications, enforce information governance policies, and retain data as required.”

In the coming months, existing Wickr Me customers will receive more information on how to preserve their app data. You can also opt to use other secure communication apps, such as Signal.

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