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YouTube’s new Pause option to boost comment control for creators

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In response to creator feedback, YouTube is now rolling out a new optional comment moderation setting called ‘Pause’. This feature allows content creators to prevent additional comments at the video level while preserving existing comments.

Before launching the feature to the public, YouTube experimented with it for a while. Creators and moderators who participated in the experimental phase praised the Pause feature for increased flexibility in managing comments. It enables them to take a break from comment moderation without entirely disabling the comments section, a particularly helpful tool when faced with overwhelming engagement.

Before Pause’s introduction, creators had only two options for controlling comments: holding comments for review before publishing or disabling comments altogether.

With the Pause option available in video-level comment settings, creators can easily toggle the feature on or off. This can be done through the gear icon in the upper right corner of the comments panel on the YouTube app or in the YouTube Studio on both desktop and mobile.

When a creator decides to pause comments, viewers can still access and view all existing comments, but they cannot add any new ones during the paused period.

In addition to the Pause feature, YouTube has simplified several comment settings to enhance user experience:

  • None: No comments will be held for review.
  • Basic: Inappropriate comments will be held for review.
  • Strict: A broad range of inappropriate comments will be held for review.
  • Hold All: All comments will head to the moderator review.

Users will see these options once they have turned on the comments on their videos. Other settings include Pause and Off.

Currently, there is no update on when this feature will be available globally. In November, YouTube launched Dream Track, a tool to generate complete songs for YouTube Shorts creators.

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Kumar Hemant

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