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YouTube may soon add a sleep timer feature to the Android app

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YouTube is developing a sleep timer feature for the Android app, a much-requested addition that has been conspicuously absent.

Android app specialist AssembleDebug, in collaboration with Android Authority, has delved into version 19.25.33 of the YouTube app for Android. Their investigation uncovered references to a sleep timer feature, which allows users to set a specific time for playback to stop, either in hours or minutes.

Additionally, the code mentions ‘sleep_timer_notificaton_channel_name,’ indicating that the user will receive notifications about the timer status.

APK teardowns are a common method for uncovering upcoming features in apps. These analyses involve examining the code of beta versions to spot any new functionalities developers are working on. While these findings don’t always make it to public release, they offer a glimpse into potential future updates.

Source: Android Authority

One intriguing aspect of the potential feature is a dialogue option that reads, “You can reset the timer or click done to keep watching.” This suggests that users can extend their viewing time if they haven’t yet drifted off to sleep.

Introducing a sleep timer would bring YouTube in line with its sister service, YouTube Music, which already offers this functionality. Until now, Android users seeking similar capabilities for YouTube have had to rely on third-party applications or various workarounds.

Meanwhile, iPhone users can use a system-wide timer with the “stop playing” function to achieve the same result.

There is hope that the YouTube app’s sleep timer will eventually include an ‘end of video’ option, akin to YouTube Music’s ‘end of song’ setting. This would halt playback once the current video finishes, providing a transition to sleep without abrupt interruptions. However, there is no indication yet that his specific feature is part of the current development.

While YouTube has not officially announced when or if this sleep timer will be rolled out to all users, its inclusion in the beta app is a promising sign. If implemented, it would be a welcome enhancement to YouTube, adding convenience and improving overall user experience. In other news, recently, YouTube started a campaign against Premium plans bought via VPN.

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