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YouTube Vanced bites the dust

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A popular third-party YouTube app called YouTube Vanced was forced to discontinue after the developers received a cease and desist letter from Google. 

The developers behind the app have said that the app will be shutting down, and all download links will be removed in the coming days. Those who have the app installed can continue to use it; however, without any future updates, it’s bound to stop working sooner or later.

The creators of Vanced put out a Telegram message on the official channel announcing that the app was shutting down for “legal reasons” and that the download links would be taken down. However, the community’s Discord server, Telegram chat and subreddit will remain active for the time being. 

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Another 3rd party app shuts shop

Google has been on a rampage for third-party apps, Groovy and Rythm, making use of its services. Last year, YouTube forced two of Discord’s most popular music bots to shut down just before it started testing its ad-supported integration into Discord. 

According to the app’s official Twitter handle, currently installed versions will work fine until they become obsolete in around two years. However, with Google making constant changes to YouTube, it’s only a matter of time before the app stops working completely.

Vanced was a popular app primarily because it allowed users to block ads on YouTube without paying for a YouTube Premium subscription. Other features on the app included the following.

  • Background play with Picture-in-Picture support.
  • Favourite channels can be allowed to show ads and sponsors.
  • Automatically detect and switch sponsor sections.
  • Swipe controls to control brightness and volume. 
  • Auto repeat.
  • Options for select default codecs, forcing HDR or H264.
  • Force a default resolution. 
  • Reverses Google’s removal of the dislike button. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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