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Adblockers are making YouTube videos skip to the end

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After displaying messages requesting YouTube viewers to disable their adblockers, the platform has resorted to a more strict stance. Now, YouTube videos automatically jump to the end for those still using AdBlock to watch YouTube.

Despite numerous attempts by viewers to restart the videos, the conclusion remained the same. However, users could view the YouTube videos without trouble after removing the adblocker, reports 9to5Google.

This unexpected behaviour by YouTube is not only limited to video play. Users have also reported facing issues navigating to specific segments in the video, with the playback showing endless buffering.

Notably, users who are predominantly affected by the current skipping problem use AdBlock specifically. Other adblockers seem unaffected, indicating a potential compatibility issue or targeted action by YouTube against certain adblocking tools.

This phenomenon is not entirely new but has gained traction recently. YouTube’s crackdown on adblockers began last year with messages prompting users to disable their adblocking software, halting video playback if ignored. This tactic prompted many to uninstall their adblockers or seek workarounds.

This action by YouTube is a signal to users to either allow ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

While some speculate that YouTube deliberately engineered this behaviour to deter adblock usage, others propose it could be a glitch within the adblocking software.

Similar incidents in the past, such as a bug in AdBlock causing slow video loading and system strain on YouTube, have fueled accusations and counterarguments.

Although a minority of cases have been reported without adblockers, they remain negligible compared to the widespread experience among users.

In May 2023, it was reported that YouTube will block videos if it detects an ad blocker. Later, in April 2024, the platform ramped up its efforts to tackle the widespread use of ad blockers.

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