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How to fix Yupoo net error?

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Yupoo is one of the many Chinese sites selling replica apparel or knock-offs at a significantly low price compared to what you’d find in a real store. The problem with this approach is that this can lead to sites this Yupoo getting banned everywhere. 

If you’ve been trying to access Yupoo, chances are you’ve come across the ‘net’ error. In this article, we’re talking about its causes and what you can do to fix the problem.

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What causes Yupoo net error?

As mentioned before, the error is often caused because the site is banned in your local region. This can be due to copyright violations or even security reasons at times. 

How to fix this?

Here are two fixes you can try out. 

Use a VPN

The first and simplest thing you can try is to use a VPN to try and connect via a region where you know the site isn’t banned. While you won’t be able to access Chinese VPN servers, you can try countries in the Asia-Pacific region which might have access to the site. 

Change your DNS 

There are multiple free DNS providers using whom you can fix this issue. In this example, we’re going to use Cloudflare’s DNS.

On Windows

Step 1: Press Windows key + I to open the Windows settings and click on Network & Internet.

How to fix the 'WiFi connected but no internet access' issue?

Step 2: Click on Change adaptor options.

How to fix the 'WiFi connected but no internet access' issue?

Step 3: Right-click on your active network (WiFi or LAN) and click Properties.

How to fix the 'WiFi connected but no internet access' issue?

Step 4: Find Internet Protocol Version 4 in the list, click on it and then click Properties. 

How to fix the 'WiFi connected but no internet access' issue?

Step 5: Check the Use the following DNS server addresses radio button and type in and in the preferred and alternative DNS addresses, respectively. 

How to fix 'Err_Tunnel_Connection_Failed' error in Chrome?

This should resolve any errors you’re facing. Alternatively, you can also use Google’s DNS by changing the preferred and alternative DNS addresses to and respectively. 

On macOS

If you’re using a Mac, follow these steps instead.

Step 1: Click the Apple logo in the top left of the screen followed by System Settings. 

Step 2: Head over to the Advanced tab.

Step 3: Click DNS. 

Step 4: Type in the DNS Servers field. 

Similar to the aforementioned method, you can also use Google’s DNS server here by using the address. 

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