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Zoom error code 3113: 2 Quick Fixes

Zoom’s meteoric rise in popularity has brought a massive audience over to the video conferencing platform. However, while the team behind it have worked hard to iron out any bugs and give their user a prime user experience, it still faces some issues from time to time.

In this article, we’re going over the Zoom error code 3113, which you might see when scheduling a meeting.

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What causes Zoom error code 3113?

According to Zoom support, the error code indicated that neither a waiting room nor a passcode was set up before scheduling a meeting. To prevent unauthorised access to meetings scheduled ahead of time, Zoom requires users to either set up a waiting room or passcode so that no one can barge into a meeting. 

Another relatively uncommon reason could be an outdated Zoom app, whether on your PC or your phone. However, since the out of date version won’t be updated with the latest security protocols, there’s a chance you might see this error.

How to fix Zoom error code 3113?

The solution to this problem is rather simple: you either update the Zoom app on your PC or phone or add a passcode or waiting room to your meeting.

Updating the Zoom app

If you’re trying to schedule the meeting on the Zoom app on your Android or iOS phone, the best way is to head to your respective app store and check for any updates. If you do see one, install it immediately and try scheduling the meeting again.

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Setting up a passcode or a waiting room

If you’re sure you’re running the latest version of the Zoom app, ensure that you’ve got a waiting room or passcode set up while scheduling your meeting.

Step 1: Open Zoom and click on Schedule.

Step 2: When setting the meeting up, under the Security tab, ensure that you’ve enabled either Passcode or Waiting Room or both. If you’re using a free Zoom account, the Passcode option will be enabled by default. 

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