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1Password introduces a secure password sharing tool

Password manager service, 1Password, unveiled a new tool on Tuesday that’ll allow people to share anything in their 1Password vault with anyone securely, even if the recipient doesn’t use 1Password.

The new tool, called Psst! (Password secure sharing tool), will allow people to share anything stored in their 1Password vault virtually, reducing the risk of a password being compromised in a data breach of a chat or email service they would use to share passwords until now.

1Password’s secure password sharing tool will create a link to share an item in the vault. By default, this link expires in seven days, but customers can customise the expiration from options of an hour, a day, 14 or 30 days.

People can also choose to set the expiration to when the recipient views the link. Sharing the link can also be restricted to only the people whose email address is entered, or the person who shares can also choose to revoke the viewing permission from a specific person.

Once a person has selected the expiry options and restrictions for the item they want to share, they can select ‘Get a link to share’, copy the link and share it through the platform of their choice.

Once the recipient clicks on the link, they’ll either be allowed to view the link on their web browser or be asked to input their email address (depending on the restrictions in place), where they’ll receive a one-time verification code to access the link.

Recipients with a 1Password account can also save a copy of the shared item directly to their vault. Others will see an option to sign up for the service via the shared page.

Since the shared item is a copy and not the original, any modifications after sharing the item won’t reflect when the recipient accesses the link. Admin tools are also available for 1Password’s Psst feature.

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