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How to fix HP printer error 59.f0?

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Printers have been around for quite some time now and as they keep getting better and faster, they also get more reliable. However, just like every other hardware peripheral on the tech market, they also have their breakdowns and glitches. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at the error 59.F0, an error code specific to HP printers, its causes and what you can do to fix the problem.

What causes the 59.f0 error?

The most likely cause of the error is a problem with the printer’s internal motor because of the transfer alienation not working as it should. Transfer alienation failure indicates a problem with the ITB being stuck and unable to rotate. 

Another possible cause for the error is a problem with the printer’s SR9 sensor, which is responsible for the transfer-roller-disengagement sensor, also called Sensor K.

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How to fix the 59.f0 error?

Here are five fixes that should resolve the 59.f0 error.

Reset your printer

One of the first things you should do is reset the printer in HP’s software. Most printer firmware or PC software will have a factory reset option that also happens to reset the printer’s hardware. If you’re handy with tools. you can also try removing the surge protector (which might be damaged) and test your printer. 

Reset the ITB

The ITB or Intermediate Transfer Belt failing is one of the leading causes of the error. Resetting the ITB by opening the printer up and just making sure the belt is correctly placed over the gears and is moving without obstructions is a good idea. 

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You should also check the ITB connections, specifically the connection between the ITB and a transfer-roller-disengagement sensor located at the J19 connector and the connection between the ITB and the DC Controller PCA. 

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Manually inspect ITB gear

If the ITB seems to work fine, the issue might be in the ITB gear. Try removing the ITB and rotating the gear by hand to see if there are any obstructions or fluctuations in the gear flag. If the flag and gear are in working order, check the SR9 sensor inside the ITB to see if the sensor is at fault. 

You can run these diagnostics from within the printer software and run the manual sensor test from the diagnostics menu. 

Reset the Toner and Fuser assembly

Another potential fix for the error code can be to fix the toner and fuser assembly. Now, this usually depends on your printer type and will require disassembling the printer itself. You can either choose to entirely replace the two parts (or either one of them, depending on what part is actually problematic). 

Contact HP support 

If nothing else seems to work, your best bet is to reach out to HP’s Customer Support and have them fix the issue for you. Remember that there’s a good chance you might have to send your printer out for repairs, so make sure to have a replacement handy in case you need one. 

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