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65 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow quicker

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Photoshop is the holy grail of photographers/content creators worldwide. The software puts hundreds of tools at your disposal to edit or manipulate your images the way you want.

Just like with all high-level things though, the sheer amount of tools and options means that the software becomes quite complex and intimidating quickly. It can take quite some time to find the right tool for the job as you scan through hundreds of menus and submenus.

In this article, we bring you 65 photoshop keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier.

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Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

Setting up the workplace

Use this shortcuts to quickly set up your canvas the way you like

  • Control + Alt + i: Changes the image size
  • Control Alt c: Changes the canvas size
  • Control +: Zoom in
  • Control -: Zoom out
  • Control + ‘ : Show/Hide the grid

Tool shortcuts

These shortcuts will help you get to the tool of your choice in a jiffy

  • v: Move tool
  • m: Rectangular Marquee Tool
  • w: Magic Wand Tool
  • i: Eyedropper Tool
  • l: Lasso Tool
  • c: Crop Tool
  • e: Eraser
  • u: Rectangle
  • t: Horizontal Type Tool
  • b: Brush Tool
  • j: Spot Healing Brush
  • y: History Brush
  • g: Gradient Tool
  • a: Path Selection Tool
  • h: Hand Tool
  • r: Rotate View
  • p: Pen Tool
  • s: Clone Stamp Tool
  • o: Dodge Tool
  • z: Zoom Tool
  • x: Switch Foreground and Background Colors
  • d: Default Foreground and Background Colors
  • q: Edit in Quick Mask Mode
  • x: Change Screen Mode

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Layer/object Manipulation shortcuts

  • Control + a: Select all objects
  • Control + d: Deselect all objects
  • Shift + Control + i: Select inverse of selected objects
  • Control + Alt + a: Select all layers
  • Control + Shift + e: Merge all layers
  • Alt + .: Select top layer
  • Alt + ,: Select bottom layer
  • Alt + [ or ]: Select next layer down or up
  • Control + [ or ]: Move target layer down or up
  • Control + Shift + [ or ]: Move the layer to the bottom or top
  • Shift + Control + n: Create a new layer
  • Control + g: Group selected layers
  • Control + Shift + g: Ungroup selected layers
  • Control + e: Merge and flatten selected layers
  • Control + Shift + Alt + e: Combine all layers into a new layer on top of the other layers.
  • Control + t: Transform your object, which includes resizing and rotating

Using the brush tool

To use these shortcuts, first select the brush tool using b.

  • or .: Select previous or next brush style.
  • Shift + , or .: Select the first or last brush style used.
  • Caps Lock or Shift + Caps Lock: Display precise crosshair for brushes.
  • Shift + Alt + p: Toggle airbrush option.

Using the Marquee tool

To use these shortcuts, first select the Marquee tool using m.

  • Control: Toggle between the Slice tool and Slice Selection tool.
  • Shift drag: Draw square slice.
  • Alt drag: Draw from the centre outward.
  • Shift Alt + drag: Draw square slice from the centre outward.
  • Spacebar drag: Reposition the slice while creating it.

Blending options

To use these shortcuts select the move tool by using v and then select the layer you want

  • Shift + + or –: Cycle through blending modes.
  • Shift + Alt + n: Normal mode
  • Shift + Alt + i: Dissolve
  • Shift + Alt + k: Darken
  • Shift + Alt + g: Lighten
  • Shift + Alt + m: Multiply
  • Shift + Alt + o: Overlay
  • Shift + Alt + u: Hue
  • Shift + Alt + t: Saturation
  • Shift + Alt + y: Luminosity

Saving your work

  • Control + Shift + s: Save your work as
  • Control + Shift + Alt + s: Save for web and other devices

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