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How to add a bank account in Flipkart?

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E-commerce websites such as Flipkart have made it a lot easier to get refunds and exchanges on products you don’t want to keep. Flipkart offers you the refund directly to your bank account.

While returning a product on Flipkart, you will be asked to enter your bank details such as the account holder’s name, account number, branch name, and IFSC code. Fill in the details accurately to get a refund within the due period.

Keep reading this article to learn more about how to add a bank account in Flipkart.

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How to get a refund on your bank account through Flipkart?

You’re required to enter your bank details in case of a refund on a specific product you purchased earlier on Flipkart and now wish to return. Note that it takes 14 days for the refund to be credited into your bank account.

If it takes longer than that, you might have to take further action and contact your branch to sort out the issues with the refund.

Follow the steps mentioned below to request a refund for a purchased product on Flipkart:

  • Launch the Flipkart app on your device, head over to the menu tab and tap on My Orders.
  • Tap on the product your want to return and Hit the Return option on your screen.
  • Choose a reason for returning the product and tap on Refund under Return Options.
  • In the next page select the Cards method of Refund, Alternatively you can also select Gift Cards, Wallet and other options to get a refund on your product.
  • Select the Add New/ Another Account option to fill in your bank credentials.
  • Tap on Update once you have filled in your details.

As you submit your request for a refund, the refund will now be initiated to your bank account within the due period, as mentioned on the next page.

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Can I remove my bank details from my Flipkart account?

You cannot remove your card details from your Flipkart account unless you delete your profile. Note that you won’t receive your refund in your bank account if you decide to remove your bank details.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the refund may take as long as 14 days to reflect in your account. And in case the refund isn’t initiated, you can contact your branch.

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Ambika Rani Ghosh

Ambika Rani Ghosh