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What is Flipkart Assured?

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When it comes to optimising the customer service experience to the maximum, Flipkart has never faltered. Flipkart’s newest quality and fastest delivery assurance parameter are Flipkart assured.

Flipkart assured is a badge icon placed on products by the Flipkart algorithm, which passes the high standard of quality check and is available for purchase in the shortest period.

Keep reading further to know more about the basic features of Flipkart assured.

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How does Flipkart allocate the Flipkart Assured badge?

Keep in mind that not all the products available on the Flipkart website are eligible for allocating high quality and fastest delivery assurance badges. The products must pass all six quality checks before being flagged as assured products.

This assurance badge is not a part of any subscription plan or offer. Hence, the Flipkart assured system is customer-friendly, and it does not discriminate amongst its retailers.

Here are some of the parameters which are actively taken into account before flagging products in the assured category:

6 different quality checks

The products have to go through a rigorous system of 6 different quality checks by the Flipkart service support before being allocated the badge.

Highest quality products

The products must be of the highest quality standard for being labelled part of the Flipkart assured system.

Fastest and free delivery

As a part of the Flipkart assured system, only the available products to be shipped within 2-4 days are eligible for the badge of assurance.

Strict seller guidelines

Flipkart has issued many guidelines to the sellers for shipping out only the finest quality products to its customers.

Transit safe products

Flipkart assured guarantees that the products delivered to the customer’s doorstep should be in pristine quality, as it was initially shipped from the warehouse.

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What’s in it for the customers?

As discussed earlier, the Flipkart assured system does not discriminate amongst its buyers, which means that the products bearing the assurance badge are available to every Flipkart customer.

One of the most exciting bonuses about this system is that the products under the assured category are available for fast and free shipping. Remember that you have to make a minimum purchase of Rs 500 to get the products shipped for free to your doorstep.

Flipkart also guarantees to deliver these products at a maximum of two to four days, including the shipping period.

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Ambika Rani Ghosh

Ambika Rani Ghosh