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Why do my AirPods keep pausing? Quick Fix

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If you have been facing problems with your AirPods randomly pausing in the middle of a show, movie, or while listening to music, then it can get irritating. AirPods were initially released by Apple in 2016 and are one of their highly popular products however, AirPod users keep facing plenty of issues that revolve around Apple devices.

In this article, we will be touching upon the reasons why your AirPods are pausing and how you can solve the issue by adjusting your settings.

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Automatic ear detection

AirPods can detect when you place them in your ears as they have an automatic ear detection feature enabled which acts like a proximity sensor. This means they can detect when they are in or out of your ears. According to this, they either play the video when they are in your ears or pause any video or music that you have been listening to or viewing when you take them out of your ears. So if your AirPods are pausing while they are currently in your ears, then something must be wrong with this sensor.

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You can switch off this feature by following the steps given below:

  • Head to Settings on your Apple device and tap on Bluetooth.
  • Tap on the ‘i’ button in front of your AirPod’s name.
  • Now switch off the Automatic Ear Detection toggle.

Switching off this feature allows you to save the battery life of your AirPods as well as remove any signal and proximity confusion that was causing your AirPods to pause while still placed in your ears.

Pause and Play

Your AirPods have a double-tap feature where both your left and right AirPods can switch to the next track, or previous track as well as play and pause. You can turn off this feature through your iPhone by following the steps given below:

  • Tap on Bluetooth in your settings.
  • Tap on the ‘i’ button in front of your AirPod’s name.
  • Under Double Tap AirPod, tap on Left first and then Right, to open a few options.
  • In both Left and Right AirPod, if the Play/Pause option is selected, then choose another option including Off which will disable this feature in both AirPods.


You should keep your AirPods and the charging case clean of any dirt which can accumulate if left unclean for a long time. This dirt can cause irritation and infection in your ear in addition to causing hindrance to your AirPods’ functioning. Clean all the ports thoroughly to keep the functions running.


Apple’s AirPods focus on wireless connectivity whose Bluetooth ranges from 30-60 ft or more depending on your Bluetooth class numbers. So, if you go out of the Bluetooth range of your iPhone, your AirPods will automatically pause. Make sure that you remain around your source of music or shows for your AirPods to function optimally.

Connectivity issues

If your AirPods are having an issue while trying to connect, you can switch on and off your source device as well as your AirPods. You can also enable and disable Bluetooth a couple of times to check if the connection is stronger. You can also make sure that your WiFi or cellular internet is correctly connected.

Forget device

You can unpair your AirPods from your Apple device to check if your AirPods will respond better when re-connected. You can reset the AirPods on your device by following the steps given below:

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  • Head to Settings and tap on the Bluetooth option.
  • Tap on the ‘i’ button in front of your AirPod’s name.
  • Tap on Forget This Device and confirm the removal.

Place your AirPods back into their case and after 15 minutes, press the setup button at the back. An orange light and then a white light will be visible indicating that the AirPods have been reset. You can now pair them back with your device.

Apple Store

If none of the above fixes are working or helping you fix your AirPods pausing, you can always have the battery replaced by heading to an Apple Store. Over there if the battery is fine, they can help you understand why this might be happening. Apple Repair and Services charge extra if your device no longer comes under warranty. They will solve any mechanical issue with your AirPods.

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