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Alfa Romeo Tonale comes with NFT to track vehicle data

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Alfa Romeo’s new SUV, the Tonale, is the first car on the market to come with an NFT digital certificate which, according to the carmaker, will increase the car’s residual value. 

The idea here is to maintain a “confidential and non-modifiable” record of the main stages of the car’s life. The NFT will record vehicle data (with customer consent) as proof that the car has been regularly and properly maintained, which will help keep the car’s residual (and resale) value higher. 

CNBC, however, points out that a certified Alfa Romeo dealer must record the data. This means that any repairs or services at a non-certified workshop will not reflect on the NFT, somewhat defeating the whole purpose.

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Feature or a gimmick? 

Details about how this NFT will work aren’t exactly known at the moment. Not even which blockchain the NFT will be stored on and what data would be recorded in the first place. Despite this, the company plans to extend NFTs to their entire lineup. 

Alfa Romeo Tonale comes with NFT to track vehicle data
The new Alfa Romeo Tonale | Source: Stellanis Media

The 110-year-old automaker plans to shift entirely to EVs by 2027, and the Tonale is just the first rung of the ladder — being available in both plug-in hybrid and gas-powered variants. The car will be available to order in Q4 2022, with plans to ship in Q1 2023. 

NFTs aren’t the only tech feature the Tonale is getting either. The car comes with several additional features with OTA capabilities and a built-in cellular network, allowing for better software support.

There’s also Alexa support and several driver aids, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Centering and Traffic Jam Assist and just about every gimmick you’d expect. Finally, there’s a connected app that lets the driver do things like start the engine, lock or unlock doors and receive notifications, to name a few. 

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