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Notorious ransomware gang claims it breached Amazon’s Ring

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Ransomware gang Alphv, infamous for the Blackcat malware and breaching dozens of companies and organisations in the past year, claims that it has hacked Ring’s systems and is threatening to release the data. However, Ring claims there was no breach.

VX-Underground, a cybersecurity collective, tweeted a screenshot of the listing on Tuesday. The ransomware group has listed the Ring Security Systems database on its website with a message.
“There’s always an option to let us leak your data” — pushing the company to pay or risk exposing the leaked data. However, it’s still unclear what specific data the group has accessed.

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Amazon-owned security camera company, Ring, told Motherboard that their systems haven’t been breached but a third-party vendor was hit with a ransomware attack, who doesn’t have any Ring customer records.

After only appearing on the ransomware crime scene in November 2021, Alphv has gone on to breach dozens of organisations, with over 60 victims claimed in its first five months of operation. More recently, in January 2023, India’s solar industries were also hit by Blackcat ransomware with over 2TB of data stolen.

The gang is also the first-known ransomware group to breach networks with malware written in Rust — a secure programming language that offers better performance and reliable concurrent processing.

Alphv operates a Windows ransomware-as-a-service. Security researchers and law enforcement agencies have linked the ransomware’s developers to the infamous Darkside and Blackmatter crime rings.

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CT Editorial Team

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